We sell through our authorized dealer network. Please refer to our distribution map to see if we have a dealer in your area. If you are in our distribution area please fill out the form below and we will send you dealers closest to you.


If you are outside of our distribution area we can still get product to you, however there is a little more to it:

1. You will need to find an installer who could take the measurements and template if needed.
2. The door style and configuration will determine the price.
3. Once an order is placed you will need to pay for it in advance.
4. Production/delivery time varies depending on the door style and distance from HMI. On average it is 6-12 weeks.
5. All orders will have an 8% Philadelphia, PA sales tax.
6. There are crating and shipping charges approximately $250 – $425 (depending on the order). If there are any problems due to shipping, you will be responsible for submitting any claim to the shipping carrier.
7. We rarely have problems, we just want to be upfront with you. Since we are in Philadelphia, PA we will not be able to service your door if any issues came up in the future.

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