All 20 gauge HMI steel entry doors are galvanized to A40 and chem treated to prevent rusting. HMI steel and fiberglass doors are first primed with a durable undercoat that is oven-cured for lasting resiliency.

Paint – A final paint finish is applied to the doors and oven-cured a second time forming an enduring lustrous look.

Stain – Hand applied to give a wood grain appearance, it is then top coated with a 2-part clear urethane protective coat with a UV inhibitor. It is then oven-cured a second time forming an enduring lustrous look.

Powdercoat – Aluminum and security storm doors are chem washed then oven dried. The powdercoating is electrostatically applied and double baked to create a durable resilient finish. Powdercoats have a glossier sheen than do paints.

P – Matching Powder Coat finish for Aluminum and Security doors.


light oak cherry walnut rosewood
Light Oak Cherry Traditional Walnut* Rosewood
dark mahogany fruitwood
Dark Mahogany Fruitwood

paint title

Vanilla Cream P Golden Tan Wedgewood Blue P Bronze* P Hunter Green* P
Almond P Hemp Soft Shadow Haddonfield Red Misty Pine
Festive Red P Pewter Gray P Mustard Ash Gray Mauve
Avocado Crimson P Sunlight Cocoa P Brownstone P
Mocha P Ivy Green P Burgundy P Mellow Cream Sky Blue
Coffee* / Chocolate Brown* P Navy Blue* P Fruitwood Paint P Dark Mahogany Paint P Black* P (For textured steel doors and fiberglass only.)
White P Yellow P Purple P Honey Mustard P Caribbean Blue P
Coral P
* Due to possible heat buildup, the warranty does not apply to doors or raised plastic trim painted in these colors when installed behind storm doors.
P – Matching powder coat finish for aluminum and security storm doors
Note: These sample colors do not accurately reflect actual painted/stained or powdercoated surface colors due to limitations in the printing process. Please see your sales representative for HMI color chips.

hardware color title
brass satin nickel antique aged bronze
Brass Satin Nickel Antique Aged Bronze