10-Point Locking System – #40 and 4-Point Mortise Lock – #42

It is a place where we find comfort. It protects our possessions, but more importantly it protects you and your family. Unfortunately, many homes are not as safe as they could be. Every 14 seconds a home is burglarized. In more than 50 percent of all residential burglaries, entry is gained through a door. High quality locks and key control are your first line of defense against a break-in.

  • 10 horizontal backsets, the center four have a 7/8″ deadbolt extension, the top and bottom sets have 3/4″ deadbolt extension
  • 10 Gauge steel strike plate the entire length of the lock side
  • Anti-pick and anti-drill proof cylinder
  • European security keys can only be duplicated through HMI Doors by using a supplied security key card
  • Concealed, tamper-proof deadbolts
  • Available in replacement and new construction
  • Available in doors up to 96” in height
  • Available in: smooth and textured steel; and textured fiberglass doors
  • Locks are factory installed

multipoint lock door existing secure door
concord handle modern handle multipoint jamb
 detail diagram multipoint keys cylinder cylinder

3-Point Lock – #44, #45, #47 & #48

Designed for security the 3 point mortise lock is the perfect solution for 8 ft doors. The top and bottom locks help to stabilize these oversized doors from warping and give a better weather sealing performance.

  • The top and bottom ¾” backsets are passive until the deadbolt is engaged.
  • The 1” deadbolt backset is engaged by turning the key on the outside or thumb turn on the inside. When the deadbolt is activates the projections in the top and bottom locks to become a 3 deadbolt locking system.
  • The stainless steel lock faceplate runs the full length of the door.
  • The Allegro, Berkeley, Capri, and Salem lever handle sets are available in single cylinder. See available finishes under each lock set.