Elegance, Energy Efficiency & Enhanced Security

The Aspen Collection boasts elegance, energy efficiency and enhanced security, an unprecedented combination in fiberglass doors. With exotic wood grain finishes – mahogany or cherry – and six rich stain colors it is hard to bypass the beauty.

Security has always been a concern when choosing a fiberglass entry door. Not any more! The HMI Aspen Collection has a full length 4” lock side stile that is made of finger jointed pine with a solid oak edge. The 7 gauge steel plate that is embedded the entire length of the stile (patent pending) adds increased security and stability to the fiberglass shell.

This combined with the ArmorMax Jamb™ System, for pre-hung doors, makes the Aspen Collection burglar resistant. No other fiberglass door on the market can meet the security level of the Aspen Collection.

The Components


Cherry – Cherry, native to the northern temperate regions of the globe is known as a premium hard-wood. Its distinctive wood grain pattern of elongated ovals and intermittent collinear lines captures the attention of the on looker. HMI’s cherry grain fiberglass doors replicate this unique appearance.

Mahogany – Mahogany, native to Latin America is considered a premier exotic wood. With its fine texture and uniform interlocking straight and curvy lines distinguishes it from other wood grains. HMI’s mahogany grain fiberglass doors capture this unique look.


light oak cherry walnut rosewood dark mahogany fruitwood
Light Oak Cherry Traditional Walnut Rosewood Dark Mahogany Fruitwood

Door Styles