True to life wood grains, energy efficient and masterfully crafted HMI fiberglass entry doors are an elegant alternative to wood doors. Unlike true wood doors, fiberglass resists splitting, cracking and rotting. Available in oak, cherry, and mahogany grains you can choose the look to fit your lifestyle. There are 6 rich stain colors to pick from creating a beautiful wood-like entry way.

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Cherry – Cherry, native to the northern temperate regions of the globe is known as a premium hard-wood. Its distinctive wood grain pattern of elongated ovals and intermittent collinear lines captures the attention of the on looker. HMI’s cherry grain fiberglass doors replicate this unique appearance. Oak – Oak, native to the northern hemisphere is the most prolifically used wood for its strength and grain pattern. Its deep swirls and lines give it a distinguished look. HMI’s oak grain fiberglass and textured steel doors mirror a nature oak grain. Mahogany – Mahogany, native to Latin America is considered a premier exotic wood. With its fine texture and uniform interlocking straight and curvy lines distinguishes it from other wood grains. HMI’s mahogany grain fiberglass doors capture this unique look.


light oak cherry walnut rosewood
Light Oak Cherry Traditional Walnut Rosewood
dark mahogany fruitwood
Dark Mahogany Fruitwood